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Jury's Verdict #2 - Hello 2021!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

It's only been a couple of weeks but it already seems like the days of pigs in blankets and being forced to listen to your grandparents outdated opinions are far behind us. Did everyone reading this have a good Christmas and New Year?

I want to pick up this blog again as in the development of this site and podcast it got buried in all of the other jobs I was doing, and what better time to do it than starting fresh in the new year? I've got some exciting plans with the podcast, as well as some challenges to overcome, and wanted to share them today.

Myself and Sweet Tee released the first episode of the year on the 8th and literally days afterwards, Boris broom handle hair himself stuck us in another lockdown. This has greatly affected the normal routine of production. Myself and Sweet Tee do not live together sadly, which means that other than an hour walk every now and then, we now aren't seeing each other.

I can't make anymore podcasts with my beautiful co-host! Not in the same room as each other anyway, so we've been spending the past couple weeks organising changes. You are going to be hearing some more appearances from my brother in the coming weeks, a dry, sarcastic man that has proved a popular addition to the show in the past, as well as some unique guest appearances that'll be virtually recorded with Sweet Tee as well. A podcast called 'Regardless of Reputation' will be making a guest appearance on our show in the next couple of weeks. The host is a lovely person from the San Francisco area and we will be making an appearance on her show as well in the future. In addition to that, myself and Sweet Tee will be making a guest appearance on the 'Grabbalicous' podcast towards the end of the month. Collaborating with these shows has been a great experience so far, and something I want to regularly continue throughout this year.

My other big plan for the first half of the year is to do a little bit of a rebranding. I'm planning on booking a professional photoshoot to help market the hell out of this show! I'm sure you all love the current photos of my handsome mug but they are a bit old, about three years old from when I was at Uni.

Leaning away from the smell of student debt.

Something that is already happening that I'm excited about is our social media. Sweet Tee has been working tirelessly at our instagram and Twitter to create content and it's paid off. We are now on 500 followers and thanks to her work it's not taken nearly as much time as I thought it would, it won't be long till we are hitting the 1k! We are in the middle of doing two giveaways to celebrate this little victory so if you are reading this before Monday 18th, head on over to our instagram (@courtcasepodcast) to take part.

Things will get easier once we get out of lockdown, but we are doing what we can here and hope you guys all appreciate the work and keep listening to the show. We love everyone that listens, it's been such a great thing in my life to hear the positive reactions from people that have heard the show. Keep on our socials to stay in the loop, and a Happy 2021 to you all!

- James Court and Sweet Tee Yates

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