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The End of 'The Female Dating Strategy'?

Jury's Verdit #7

Thoughts as shocking as an unwanted nude.

You may have heard the news that Court Case will be taking a short break as James and Sweet Tee move into a new place and Tee starts a new career. Well we didn't want to go away without covering some controversial topics in our last episode.

People that have already listened to our latest episode, you'll know that we delved into 'The Female Dating Strategy', a female incel world of disgusting opinions and warped minds. In simple terms, it started as a subreddit where women would connect together and share dating advice. This advice is deeply rooted in sexism, one sided relationships, harsh judgements of both men and women and just good ol' misogyny and misandry. There are many articles on the web further detailing the toxicity of this group. Or you could, y'know, listen to our episode on it. That is why you're here isn't it?

But anyway, we are happy to be the bearers of good news. Just a week after we released our episode, The Female Dating Strategy has been banned from reddit! Considering that the majority of the big male incel subs were banned a few years ago, this is a long overdue event! As a show, The Court Case Podcast always strives for equality, both male and female hate groups being unable to spread their disgusting bile is music to our ears.

As for the members of FDS (Female Dating Strategy), they have since retreated to the safety of their website (I refuse to post a link to their website. You wouldn't want me to just be throwing links to pro-Nazi sites around would you? Exactly. Instead, by pressing that you'll find something far more positive, philosophical and good for the future of mankind).

The FDS community have released a statement regarding the ban. What's interesting, is that they have titled the statement "Why FDS is Abandoning Reddit' as if they chose to leave themselves and have any say in the matter.

Following this, they go on to list a summary of the reasons why they are leaving. Some of which make sense and would be completely valid to any normal subreddit, such as receiving abuse, over-reporting etc. But seeings as this is a subreddit that itself does exactly what it's receiving, abuses and hates on both men, women and members of the LGBTQ community, and is one of the most sexist places I've ever seen on the internet, I don't really give a shit and neither should any of you.

So, to summarise, the internet can be a true cesspool of disgusting people and content, but it just got that tiny bit cleaner, which is a nice change of pace isn't it? If you want some true dating advice that isn't sexist, check out the 'Courting with James' segments of our podcast. And if you have any thoughts on this, or a relationship story to share, please message us on instagram, we'd love to hear from you.

- James Court

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