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Jury's Verdict #6: The State of our Relationship

We did this instead of creating content for you.

Hello and welcome, people of the internet without ears, it's time for another dive into the world of the written word. A break from the norm of podcasting to give you guys something a little different.

If you have been paying attention to the social media, you'll know that myself and my co-host Sweet Tee have just celebrated our 2 year anniversary. A huge milestone for some, a slight inconvenience in the adventure of adultery for most footballers. We had a bit of a holiday to celebrate, getting a hotel a few towns over for a few days, and that my dear people is why there is no episode out this week (Hold onto your butts though because we have got possibly my favourite episode of the show ever coming next week).

Sweet Tee had an interesting idea of doing a bit of a Mr and Mrs style blog post in absence of an episode. We've got 10 questions that each of us are going to answer, interview style. Whether the answers will be similar or wildly different is going to be quite interesting, just how well do your hosts know each other, and more importantly, know the show!

'Omg I can't wait to read this low effort substitute for my regular podcast.'

What is your favourite episode of the Podcast?

Sweet Tee: I can’t really say which one is my favourite, but I’ve really enjoyed doing the collabs the most. Meeting all of the interesting people, from Sarah in California discussing polyamory and then Jeffery who’s an exonerated prisoner. I know you are all thinking, “what a pussy out answer” and I apologise for that, however learning stuff about people across the world beats us talking about quirky news stories, in my opinion.

James: I love getting extremely passionate about a subject. When there's something in the news that particularly makes me rage, and I know isn't too controversial or political an opinion, I love getting super passionate and going to town. For that reason my two favourite episodes are 'Hollywood Fixed' and the Dubai Influencers episode. The opinions we express in those episodes, that Hollywood has got a pedophile problem and that the influencers are dickheads for jetting off to Dubai during a national lockdown, are universally agreed upon. Therefore I can go ham, I can scream and shout, I can say what I want with very little consequence and I find it so freeing and from what our audience have said, it's given them a chance to listen to two people say stuff they may be afraid to. If you have become a listener of our podcast in the past two months, I BEG you, please check out those two episodes.

What is your favourite segment of the show?

James: Oh 'Courting with James' hands down. I have mulled over a few times just turning this show into a 'Judge Judy' meets 'Dr Phil' but the hosts have closer hairlines.

Sweet Tee: Courting with James. Should be Courting with James & Tee though. I normally go into it blind and I’m always left more surprised than the previous week. You can’t beat hearing about a nan who’s ran off with her grand-daughters boyfriend or a cheating wife that gets the worse karma. Always brings a laugh and gets the best response from our viewers.

What do you think your co-host brings to the show?

James: I probably would have been cancelled or something by now. Sweet Tee definitely has a tight hold of the reigns when it comes to the show. I do most of the planning story-wise but she stops be going overboard and makes sure we are only putting out our best stuff. Also, the social media account wouldn't have near as many followers and attention that it has without her tireless hard work, she smashes it when it comes to that stuff.

Sweet Tee: My co-host is the show, he’s the host and the hour. Without him there be no stupid news stories and no silly relationship topics, and most certainly no recording or edit, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with all that tech! I never thought I’d be on a podcast in my whole life, let alone co-host one, without him by my side it would be a hell of a lot scarier.

If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?

Sweet Tee: The structure, it’s something we are working on anyways. We want to plan more collabs and opportunity for this podcast to reach it’s best potential, but I think adding more segment into the show like, “fun facts of the day” where we can bring something uplifting to the viewers right at the beginning of the show. Also I would love to add in some bloopers because I think that be hilarious.

James: It should be a Netflix original.

What's one guest that you know your partner will want on the show?

James: Her other boyfriend, Post Malone.

Sweet Tee: Ricky Gervais. He’s controversial and could create such a good episode and audience for us. However I know James would say yes to most guests, and another top podcaster like Joe Rogan would be incredible, but these are very huge dreams!

Where do you see the podcast in 5 years?

Sweet Tee: Hopefully in 5 years we still doing it, we’ve got a bigger audience and we’ve had some amazing collabs with our own studio where we can invite guests too. It be would be incredible if it opened up opportunities for us to travel as well, it’s all about how open we be to the changes as well. Juggling a podcast as a couple, while maintaining full time jobs and a relationship is hard at the moment so I’d like to think in 5 years time we have created a healthier balance with it.

James: It'll still be going, with hopefully an even stronger audience. I'd like my own producer. I've got a full time job on another podcast now so having another producer come in to edit and get the show ready so I only have to worry about story planning and recording, that would be heaven. But alas, we don't have the budget yet, but in 5 years who knows! And our own studio space.

What's your favourite opportunity that you've gotten from the podcast?

James: Audio Mango were amazing. They helped us take the first few episodes of season 2 to new heights. I would work with them again in a heartbeat! And next weeks episode for sure, Sweet Tee will tell you I had goosebumps and was freaking out, I was so excited.

Sweet Tee: Now, I have three favourites. The incredible opportunity to record with Jeffery Deskovic doesn’t come around everyday and especially not to every podcaster, we were so lucky and grateful for that experience. Doing a photoshoot to help develop our marketing, was such a cool and fun day and something again I never thought I’d ever do. Last but not least, AudioMango, an UK based company that REACHED OUT TO US for the incredible experience in using their portable podcast recording van to help promote not only our podcast but also their amazing work.

What's kept your relationship going for the past two years?

Sweet Tee: A little bit more of a personal one now, but I think for me and James, just like we preach on the podcast, it is all about communication. Talk when you’re sad, just like you would talk when you're happy about something. Tell your partner if you're in need of quality time together. Plan dates and stuff to look forward too, just keep trying because the moment you get too relaxed that’s when the relationship stops being fun.

James: Flaming hot Cheetos. No, communication and support. We know what each other wants and desperately want it to happen for them. We try our best not to hold each other back and I think that's a big thing. A lot of relationships, your journeys aren't quite matching up, you haven't met at the right time, so it becomes difficult. But we both met when we wanted to get our lives started and we've spent the past two years working on that together.

It ain't easy being cheesy.

What is your ideal date?

Sweet Tee: Something fun or competitive, mini golf or bowling is a great activity to have a laugh with your partner whilst doing. Then in the evening it’s important you dress up, to make the whole experience more significant, go to a beautiful restaurant for dinner, a place you’ve both never been to before to make it unique and then spend the rest of the night having some drinks in a cocktail bar. But if we aren’t thinking about cost, spa night away would be the preferred option.

James: I like dressing smart, so I love a nice cocktail evening dressing nice. But I also LOVE the movies. It's a big passion of mine. Not even at the cinema, if i can get my partner to switch off, watch a movie with me, really take in whats happening, and we can have some drinks afterwards, chat about it then dance. That would be the perfect date for me.

What's the best thing you've done for your partner?

Sweet Tee: Rome. Hands down. Most magical holiday I’ve ever been on, for reasons you can only feel and can’t even begin to explain. I know it holds a special place in our hearts. Holiday with your significant other just hits different.

James: Our holiday to Rome definitely. It was just before the pandemic, literally ended minutes before it all kicked off. As we got to Rome airport to go home, a cruise ship at Rome dock went into quarantine. So looking back on it in hindsight it felt like one of those movies where you're living your life to the best before the world ends. But in terms of in the moment, was a fantastic romantic place where we made a tonne of memories. I am desperate to go away again.

So there you go. An in depth look at the lives of your two hosts. We hope that keeps you happy until next week. We have an episode that'll knock your socks off. A you-tuber with millions of views, a fascinating life and the most famous man in Serbia! Stay tuned folks!

- James Court & Sweet Tee

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