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Make yourself at home. You're gonna laugh, fall in love and make friends with everyone here. Court Case is a podcast that barrels head first into the weird, huge and controversial news that surrounds us today and gives you the verdict that you sorely need to hear. Take that with some sex, relationship advice, good banter between loved ones and you've got yourself an hour you'll be overjoyed that you won't get back. Whatever the story, it can always be solved with a Court Case!

The Courtroom


James Court

A former Capital FM and Heart Alumni, James Court has gone from humble student radio, to Breakfast and drive time, interviewing celebs and now to his very own podcast. James' flair for finding news and topics that are too much for your common radio show has made him feel right at home on Court Case. Where nothings off the the cards and his passion can shine.


Tiegan (Sweet Tee) Yates

Known as Sweet Tee by her partner, co-host and audience, Tiegan Yates is a wanna be cabin crew member and a strong southern girl. Raised in a house of seven, Tiegan has developed a voice that can push to the front of any conversation and can give James a run for his money when it comes to who really controls the show. Headstrong and understanding, Tee brings a much needed voice of reason and humorously keeps James in line.  

Guest Jury


"I've listened to all episodes so far! Really enjoying it, all the guests have been so good."

Danielle Kibble

"I love tuning in to these podcasts, the hosts and guests make you feel like you're having a conversation with them"

Alyss Watts

Sarah Cosca

Regardless of Reputation


"Oh my god I'll listen to it if I have to"

James' Mum

"The Court Case Brings you some top notch talent with some trendy topics. A tasty treat to get stuck into at anytime of the day"

- Apple Podcast Reviews

"I love listening to both of you! You both have amazing podcast voices and you carry the episodes very well. I listened to the Madeleine McCann episode and I enjoyed every second. Keep it going!"

- Jess Bolton

"If you're looking for an engaging podcast channel that covers a wide variety of topics check them out"

- 'linkit.aj' on Instagram

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