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Jury's Verdict #4: The Innocent Man

So how about that last episode huh? That was some serious podcasting! We here at Court Case feel extremely lucky and humbled to have been able to talk to Jeffrey Deskovic and share his story with the world. It has been a really tough life for him, but luckily he's built himself an amazing career out of it.

I feel like, out of all the episodes of our show, this is the one that most needs a Jury's verdict post. It's a monumental episode for us and I'd love to tell you guys how it all came about. We are hoping to make more episodes just like this one so if anyone is listening that has had an interesting experience with the justice system, crime or prison, please get in touch with us.

It was the 11th April, I was having a cosy night in with my partner and co-host Sweet Tee. Stepping out into the kitchen I noticed a message on our podcast instagram from a name I did not recognise, Jeffrey Deskovic. 'I was exonerated. I would like to come on your show and tell my story,' the message read. My immediate thought was that it was some kind of fake account or scam. Some guy with a story like this wants to talk to us? It's got to be something fishy. But clearly mine and Tee's hard work and effort over the past months getting this show to the steady audience that it has, is starting to pay off.

I went into research mode and found that Jeffrey's case was actually quite well known in America and his coverage on TV had been fairly extensive. There is one Ted talk that he gave on Youtube that really captured my attention.

We excitedly set a date with Jeffrey and began our preparations. On the day of the interview we set up our Zoom call but Jeff did not show. We waited for half an hour when Sweet Tee had the grand idea of video calling him on Instagram. He answered, looking extremely unprepared and we soon realised that the time zones had us extremely confused and out of sync. Our interview was rearranged to that evening and the stage was set for the most important Court Case yet.

Jeffrey Deskovic is an extremely likeable and lovely gentleman. Just before the interview we observed him moving clothes hangers out of camera shot and ironing boards away from the door, despite the fact we are making an audio only podcast. His politeness was charming. This is a man whose had the same routine for 16 years of his life and it shows. The awful experience has shaped the person he is today down to the last minute detail.

I wish Jeffrey never had to experience the injustice and terrible chunk of his life that was taken away from him. But this man is a living example of turning the awful into the positive. I don't believe in God, but he is doing his work. Now helping the innocent, the people that are in the same horrid situation that he was, Jeffrey works as an attorney. You can help him, by donating just £1 a month to his Patreon. If you have listened to the podcast and were moved by his story I urge you to do so, it's almost nothing a month and it is going a long way to a great cause. The link is at the end of this blog.

The Court Case Podcast is changing. We are moving forward with some extremely exciting announcements. One thing will not be changing however, we want to be a platform that as well as providing funny and outrageous banter and commentary, can be a space for real people to tell real stories. Stay tuned everybody, and thank you for reading.

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