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Jury's Verdict #3 - Influencers and the Science of Being Kind

The beautiful island of Banoi. a possible future destination now Dubai is a no go?

In possibly our most popular topic ever on the show, a couple weeks ago myself and my co-host Sweet Tee went to town on the internet influencers that have been recently jetting off to countries like Dubai, plaguing our social media feeds with a new strain of virus called 'Not giving a shit'.

The week after the show went live, I got messages praising our show for not holding back, and holding people accountable, something that I've been very proud of since. The question on everyone's mind is not how we've been getting on though, but have there been any developments in the travelling influencer world?

There have actually been two major updates to this Dubai influencers saga, both of which happened not long after our episode aired. So if you want to stay ever informed in this Tolkien-esqe tail of travel and treachery, keep reading!

Now the first update that you may well have seen yourself, is that at the end of January, Dubai was added to the red list. This means that travel to the UK from Dubai is now banned. This decision was made to help stop the spread of the South African variant of the virus. In a wonderful display of karmic justice, many influencers spent the day that this was announced, scrambling for a flight home. This was fun to see unfold but also comes with it's own problems. Firstly, you had the odd snarky influencer using this as an opportunity to show off even more, sarcastically saying that it was a 'shame' they were stuck in Dubai. The more pressing problem, however, is that it is possible for Influencers to get back home while Dubai is on the red list. Travel home is possible via a third country, which means this effort to help contain the virus could effectively spread it to more countries if one or more of these influencers are infected with more than just STD's and decide to take a third country home.

A recent study confirmed that 9 out of 10 influencers carry STD's. Now while there is no evidence at all that this is true, it is scientific fact.

The second and final update comes straight after this red list announcement. Reports began appearing that instead of getting the message and staying home like the rest of us, influencers instead chose a new destination to make their temporary home. Where do you ask? Mexico.

Towie stars have been confirmed spotted in Tulum, Mexico. The country is not currently on the red list, but you have got to isolate for 10 days upon re entry.

Old El Paso Logo
I have all the Mexico I need in my kitchen cupboard.

Now midway through writIng this article, I did realise that I am, to be honest, over this whole shit. It's fully evident now that the people doing these things are never going to make an attempt to empathise with the general public and even if tougher rules are imposed, they'll just find another way to skirt around them anyway. I do enjoy a good rant. Calling people out, naming names, shitting on the shitters, it's all a great way to let off steam and vent frustrations (I suggest you all do it). But following our verdict on the matter, the same as the general publics, I think it's time to use this energy to highlight the more positive people. If I had spent even half the time I spend ranting about these Dubai pricks talking about the key workers and NHS staff that are literally watching people die every day, no I wouldn't have gotten as many clicks on my show but I would've been spreading a more positive message.

Eat your heart out Zach Braff, Dr Alex is the new Scrubs.

And I think that's what we've got to take away from this story. The time of the influencer is over, as we hopefully come to the end of this horrid year of hell, remember the people that have helped drive us through it. When you see an influencer post, just scroll past it, find some people really making a difference, and celebrate their stories.

- James Court

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